According to a report issued to investors by numis on Tuesday, shares of Unite Group (LON:UTG) had their rating reiterated by analysts to ‘Add’.

The analyst stated that the investment firm has set a price target of 712 on shares of LON:UTG. Based on the brokers price target of 712, this means numis believes there is a potential increase of 17.59% from the current stock price of 605.5.

Unite Group has 222,326,000 shares which are currently outstanding with shareholders and have a price of 605.5 bringing Unite Group’s market capitalisation to 1.35B GBP.

Unite Group Share Chart Over Twelve Months

Over 12 months Unite Group’s share price has increased from 0.00 to 605.5, a change of 0%.

The company’s 50 day moving average is 573.19 and its 200 day moving average is 599.69. The 52 week high Unite Group’s shares have reached is 667.5 whilst the 52 week low for the company’s shares is 541.57.

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