Following an update released by analysts at Compass Point on Tuesday the broker has now set a ‘Buy’ rating on shares of Square Inc (NYSE:SQ) with a price target of 19.

On Tuesday Compass Point reiterated its target for shares of Square Inc as ‘Buy’ recommending a target price of 19 for investors; potentially meaning there is an increase of 27.09% from Square Inc’s share price of 14.95.

Square Inc has 352,138,000 shares currently held by shareholders which currently trade around the 14.95 mark which totals Square Inc’s market capitalisation to 5.26B USD.

12 Month Share Chart For Square Inc

In the duration of 12 months Square Inc’s share price has increased by 0% to 14.95 from 0.00.

The business has a 50 day moving average of 13.68 and a 200 day moving average of 11.68 whilst the 52 week high shares of Square Inc have reached is 15.91 and the 52 week low is 8.06.

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